Our tradition has 8 major forms of Zen practice: stretching, subtle energy work, bowing, chanting, walking, dharma work, sitting meditation, and caring for others. The forms are very simple, and once you’ve seen them it is easy to follow along.

Each person’s practice supports every other person’s practice. We bow in the same rhythm. We chant together. We sit in silence until the end of each sitting period.

When you bow, just bow. When you chant, just chant. When you sit, just sit.

In ancient times is was not uncommon for Yogis and Buddhist to travel learning from different teachers.  Rev. Sankhodae spent half of his life traveling and practicing with a variety of Buddhist and non-Buddhist traditions from around the globe and is nonsectarian.   Our core practice is Zen.  We can also offer some tantric practices for those who cannot commit to the rigors of a devoted spiritual practice.