Ven. Bupsahng has been on an intentional disciplined journey to discover what is this thing we experience and become free.   As an empath and medium he has integrated these strong wisdom practices of inquiry from modern science, American Indian, Yogic, Buddhist, and this present moment to stabilize the mind and inform his life and ministry.

My daily 10 priorities in practice.

  1. Set ones minds intention in practice for the benefit of all beings seen and unseen, use suitable prayers to invoke your highest self.
  2. Start your day in silence and meditation minimum of 50 minutes a day.
  3. The dharma light is present in you and around your cultivate a heart of gratitude that you have the good fortune of human birth.
  4. Recognize you are perfect and be patient in the process habit energy is very strong for some we may have had lifetimes repeating outdated patterns.
  5.  Everything changes so does your thinking, be patient value yourself enough to do the work and not drugs and poisons that dull ones senses.
  6. As your light grows mindfully integrate ways to become more skillful in using this body by moderating diet, sleep, exercise, and good use of your energy for the evolution this conscious; the law of karma is present at all levels of mind.
  7. Exchanging oneself for other and developing great determination on Who am I ?  May be the most effective way to penetrate the depths of this oneness and expanding our limiting language to skillfully speak about selfless love and compassion?
  8. Direct experience is our teacher so one must be rested to bring acute attention to the senses and understand the unseen vibrations and forces acting on us through this interdependent reality and unseen realms may at times effect our consciousness develop awareness.
  9. Learn to laugh with family and find community that informs and supports your growth, if you cannot find a good companion to walk with, walk alone, like an elephant … Better it is to live alone; there is no fellowship with a fool. ” So said the Buddha
  10. Spend time in nature and do not discriminate between light and dark for they are one and friends.

Slowly break free from your cage!!

This thinking is what binds you or sets you free!